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Erratumgale is a simple sound installation that plays a three-movement composition from a pane of glass utilised as a loudspeaker (by means of Feonic technology). The work takes its inspiration from a musical composition conceived by Duchamp in 1913, where chance notes drawn from a hat determined a musical score. Originally the piece was a short vocal piece but then, later on in the year, it was adapted for piano, retaining the same title of “Erratum Musical”.

This installation also uses piano notes derived from chance procedure; however, on this occasion they are answered by the lyrical composed phrases of a nightingale – in a manner similar perhaps to the 1920s recordings of Beatrice Harrison who used to play her cello in her cottage garden whilst being accompanied by nightingale song. The installation juxtaposes these two audio ready-mades and a dialogue between these two sonic worlds ensues.

A4 Info - installation details (same as this page).
Installing - short film of the installing of the sound piece.

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