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Imagine a room full of butterflies…

Imagine living in a beehive or an ants’ nest…

Imagine going for a ride on a back of a dragonfly….

What would that sound like?

ENTOMOPHONIX is a five-minute quadraphonic composition that was originally created as part of a residency at La Cité des Insectes, in Limousin, France, during the summer of 2007. The composition is now featured as a permanent sound installation in the museum, and plays daily to its many visitors. The work was also later featured as part of the Des Insectes et des Hommes exhibition in Limoges, and then at the Oxford Botanic Garden Magic Hour event and also at Marine Studios, in Margate. In October 2009 it was shortlisted for the British Composer Awards Sonic Art category.

The piece was composed whilst in residence at La Cité des Insectes, in France over a three week period. To create the piece, Robert began with the challenging task of recording the sounds of the various insects that habited the museum’ grounds. This took some time! Robert was especially interested in capturing those nuances of sound inherent in the various insect calls that we almost never hear, and yet must be there for a reason. He was also interested in what could be learnt about sonic communication from studying these sounds and what implications there might be for his work as a composer.

After devising various methods for recording different sounds (how to record an ants’ nest, for example, or a fly cleaning its wings, and so on) Robert edited these into a useable palette for composing his music. His aim was to create something that would allow the listener access to the unique sound world of these small creatures, allowing the listener to imagine life through the ears of an insect.

A4 Info - installation details (same as this page).
Audio Extract - a two-minute audio example.
Blog - written during the creation of the sound installation in Limousin.
Listen - a stereo version of the complete composition.
Poster - advertising debut exhibition at 'La Cité des Insectes'.
Score - graphic score of the Entomophonix composition.

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