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gr0w is an outside sound installation, created initially for the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, and exhibited there over a seven-year period.

The thirty minute quadraphonic musical composition is made up of four musical reflections on the unseen processes connected with plant growth. Genetic information linked to the photosynthesis apparatus, i.e., that part of the plant which converts sunlight into growing energy, are coded into musical patterns, with the result that the musicality hidden within the different genetic structures can be heard.

Fast moving delicate musical strings of DNA contrast with slower melodies derived from the different amino acid sequences governing the processes of growth and aging. The compositions slowly melt into the landscape, teasing the ears with their presence, and hinting at the ever present micro-world of genetic activity and perhaps the underlying processes of life itself.

The original version of the work was based around four plants that were prominent around the installation location. These were a Japanese Maple Tree (Acer Palmatum), a Silverbell Tree (Halesia Carolina), an Umbrella Bamboo (Arundinaria Murielae), and a Gunnera plant (Gunnera Manicata). In order to connect the listener to the beauty of any future installation, future versions of the work could also incorporate new material based on the detail of the specific location.

A4 Info - installation details (same as this page).
Audio Extract (1) - a two-minute audio example from the first section (Acer Palmatum).
Audio Extract (2) - a two-minute audio example from the second section (Halesia Carolina).
Audio Extract (3) - a two-minute audio example from the third section (Arundinaria Murielae).
Audio Extract (4) - a two-minute audio example from the fourth section (Gunnera Manicata).
Blog - written during the creation of the sound installation.
Listen - a stereo version of the complete installation composition.
Notes - further information about the installation.
Review - 'Live Listings' review by Belinda Raye.

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